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‘Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they will still be there.’

‘Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.’

I am lucky because I have two brothers and one sister. Although I love my brothers dearly, my sister, Stella Joyce, is my very best friend.

When we gather, we laugh, tell stories about our childhood growing up in a loving family. These stories took us down memory lane as if we were back in time. We soon realize how fast time as flown.

As sisters, it was always fun talking about how our mother would sew beautiful dresses for us, how I was the ‘little’ sis and she was the ‘big’ sis who always watched over me.

Today, we still get together in person, talk on the phone and even take day trips together. If I remember correctly, she and I only had a couple of trips by ourselves in our adult years…southern California and the Northwest Pacific. Talk about fun! I certainly see another sister trip on the horizon soon, even if it is a long weekend trip to a wonderful spa. Hmmm…

Girlfriends are like sisters. Sisters and girlfriends are the best! Who can you talk to, tell all and they totally get it! I see a special day coming up for all us girlfriends.

Just because August 1st is National Sister’s Day, use this whole month to re-unite with your sister and celebrate your Sister’s Day by having lunch, dinner or just sharing a nice bottle of wine. Enjoy your time together.

Guys, you can celebrate it too. If you have a sister, let her know how much she is loved by you and how much she means to you. She will remember this day for a very long time.

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