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Dianna Lynn Walker is an accomplished portrait and fine art photographer who resides in Driftwood, TX. Photography has always been a part of her life. The camera became her second set of eyes to capture life as it happens wherever she is. Her body of work evokes passion, emotion, and mystery, drawing you into the story told through her lens.

In 2000 Dianna launched her portrait business and was quickly recognized as one of Austin’s premier high-end portrait photographers. Her many notable accomplishments include receiving her PPA Master degree in 2010 and becoming certified as a professional photographer – a title achieved by only a tiny percentage of all photographers. She has consistently maintained her professional certification.

Dianna has been recognized in the photographic industry with high honors, having several pieces of her work published in the Professional Photographers Association’s prestigious Loan Collection. She studied under acclaimed photographers both national and international, and through those experiences, Dianna has discovered her own visual voice.

Dianna is currently working on several projects. In June 2017 she launched her new series and first Fine Art show The Joy Element. Since then, she’s been focused on developing her fine art business, launching a new website, and creating new collections.

Her most recent collection, The Nature of Austin, explores the energy that permeates the city through natural and cultural channels.

We are positive you will be captivated by her art. We invite you to continue with her on her journey and watch for upcoming events.

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