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  • Refund & Return Policy
    Even though 100% of our clients have been totally happy with our products, mistakes do happen. If the art has been damaged during shipping or if there is something that we overlooked on our end, you will receive 100% refund on the art after notifying us within 48 hrs of receipt of your purchase. We will be happy to work with you anyway we can. We want you to be thrilled by your purchase just like so many others have been.
    Great care, consideration, quality and pride goes into each piece of the art you order by a professional team that has years of experience. The method of which your piece of fine art is printed will produce the ultimate of vibrancy and clarity. DLW Fine Art prints your art using the highest-grade photographic paper with the fullest color gamut, laminate with our archival acid free and pH neutral UV protectant. Because of this, there are no rush orders nor are there any product that is mass produced. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production. Gallery Wrapped Canvas If your artwork is reproduced on canvas, we apply 2 light coats of a flexible acrylic coating that provides enhanced UV protection and adds durability and scratch resistance to the surface of your art. All canvas prints are stretched on a 1.5-inch custom sized stretcher bar frame. What is Hand Embellished? Picked out by Dianna Lynn Walker, she will only choose certain images that will be hand embellished because of this beautiful art form. Using the same type of canvas, she will enhance your art for a one-of-a-kind piece that is parallel to none. Using an acrylic clear medium, her artist will paint only the most important part of the image to highlight the subject to give it a dimensional look. Since each piece is different, it then becomes a piece of art that is only unique to you, the buyer. The artwork will then be placed in a unique step-down black profile floating frame with a professional fabric dust cover and wire hanger ready to hang. You will not find this frame on your standard framed art. This is truly a high-end custom product. Please allow an extra seven (7) business days for this process. What is Acrylic Facemount? This is our most popular choice of photography. The clean glossy look of a facemount makes every photograph stunning. Facemounts are a 5-piece laminated print. 2 thin pieces of invisible adhesive sandwich the art between optically pure acrylic and a solid PVC and aluminum backplate to add stability. They include a black aluminum back frame to aid in hanging and spacing the art from the wall. What is Matted Paper? The art that you choose to purchase will have a pearlescent look to enhance the color and depth of each image. Using the finest paper, the image will be archival matted with a 3-inch white-toned matte. You, the buyer, will be able to choose your own frame from your professional framer of choice.
  • How do I hang my artwork?
    Your DLW Fine Art has been shipped with the appropriate hanging equipment already attached to the back of the frame. Picture hangers and/or wall anchors are recommended but are not included with your purchase since we are not aware of how and where you wish to mount your photograph. Quick checklist before hanging… The type of hanging hardware to display your DLW Fine Art photograph depends on the type of wall the photograph will be displayed (i.e. a brick wall will require different hangers from a drywall finish). Please consult with a professional when choosing the types of hanging equipment. Artwork is best viewed at eye level. Use a level when positioning your wall hanger onto the wall. It’s best for two people to hang your artwork to the wall. Always use caution when hanging heavy frames. Note: Hanging should be carried out by an experienced professional, and as such, the guidelines provided in this FAQ are provided for information only. Dianna Lynn Walker and DLW Fine Art are not responsible for personal injury and/or property damage. Please know that any piece of art that is damaged from handling or during the hanging process, DLW Fine Art is not liable for the damage or replacement costs. Therefore, a reputable and insured frame shop is recommended.
  • How do I clean my artwork?
    Image Surface: Extreme caution should be used whenever it is necessary to clean the surface of your Fine Art photograph. Per instructions, dust the image with a soft, extreme damp cloth that contain NO FIBERS. Apply only light pressure and dry by blotting the cloth. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches and create a static electric charge on the surface. Do not use window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, or lacquer thinner to clean your image, as this may cause permanent damage to your image. Floating Frame: Our wood should not require care other than periodic dusting. A high quality microfiber dry cloth may be used to remove spots or debris. Avoid the use of liquid and chemical cleaning products, as these will cause the protective finish to deteriorate over time. We recommend using compressed or canned air to remove any surface dust that accumulates on the liner over time, making sure that no moisture is expelled from the can during the cleaning process.
  • Shipping & Handling
    Using FedEx, your work of art will be shipped directly from the printer to you. The printer will take utmost care in making sure your art arrives in perfect condition. Depending on the location of delivery and size of the art, the cost can vary from $70 and upward. If the size of your art is 60 inches plus in size, your piece will be crated for stability and protection. This extra care will be added to the final shipping cost. There are no exception unless you are in the area and can pick up the art yourself. We will notify you of the shipping costs once your art is ready to ship. All shipments will require signature at delivery. Thank you.
  • Lighting & displaying
    Lighting your image properly involves using a mixture of spotlights and spreads. The proper degree of spread will depend on the distance of the light fixture from the photograph. While several light bulbs can sufficiently light your image, we use MR16 halogen bulbs in all of our displays. It is best to seek the advice of an electrician or lighting professional to ensure the proper balance of light and presentation of your art. DLW Fine Art uses the finest materials. While measures have been taken to provide UV protection, it is recommended to avoid displaying your photograph in direct sunlight, high humidity, or high temperatures. Temperatures in excess of 75°F, direct sunlight, or humidity above approximately 60% could cause damage to your image over time, including but not limited to fading in the photograph or the formation of bubbles on the mounted image.
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