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Have you ever gotten excited when you open the mailbox, and you find a handwritten card or letter? We all love getting items in the mail. But why?

Perhaps it’s the time it takes to sit down in our busy lives to write the card. Perhaps it’s the fact that the person was thinking about you when they selected the card. Or maybe, it’s the quaintness of receiving something so physical in our age of rapid digital and instant gratification.

Whatever the reason, why don’t you sit down and write a personal message in your own handwriting to someone special. Actually, put a stamp on the card and put it in the mailbox.

Not only will it bring a smile to you when imagining that special someone walking to their mailbox and seeing a hand addressed card just for them, it will make them feel extra special.

Pick out a fun card that fits your friend’s personality.

Have fun with the stamp…the post office is constantly coming out with exciting new stamps. Whether it is flowers, animals, people or the universe. Have fun with choosing the right stamp. Then actually SEND the card!!

Just writing this, brings a warmth all over me because I know exactly what the receiving end feels like. Won’t you join me today and bring a smile to someone. Imagine how much love they will feel…. just because of you.

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