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Life is a beautiful thing.

The other day I was handed a paper, actually a nice piece of stationary. It was suggested I read the words written on this paper. As beautifully written as it was, this message made such an impact with me because of the troubled times we are facing with our country and the world.

The fear is that one day we will not be able to experience what the message is conveying. It described the very simple things that make life beautiful.

I do not know who wrote the words, but the message brings me peace as I hope it brings peace to you. Anyway you look at it, Life is truly beautiful!

“Life is a beautiful thing. Awakening to see the sky or maybe the drizzle and mist that hides the sky some mornings. Throughout the day, there are so many wonderful things which surround us…

At times, we never even see them. It may be that little bird that flew across the rising sun. Or maybe the delicate graceful butterfly that hovered above and settled on the dew covered rose.

Whatever it might be that we missed seeing, we shall never capture the moment of it again. Let’s open our eyes to the wonderful world around us and take time to see these beautiful events that fill our days. Because they are there each and every day.

And if we will just open our eyes to see, we could see how beautiful it all is. And its name is very short and simple. We call it…. LIFE. – unknown

This message resonated with me. While we are experiencing trouble times, it was a gentle reminder to enjoy this moment we have. Every day I take the time to see my beautiful surroundings. Most times I will photograph it and I am glad I do.

If you allow mundane things to keep you from seeing what is waiting for you, then go out now before this day is gone. Please let me know what you see because this moment will never happen again.

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